Our Story

Diapé (pronounced as Diaper with out the Rrrr....or Diap-Ayyy, whatever you like) From the time we were born we would spend endless summers out at the lake. Every year we would always come up with new ideas. But the one that seemed to come back year after year was the use of our lifejackets as diapers for a perfect way to float; problem was that it ruined our expensive life jackets and was super uncomfortable. We’ve had the idea to perfect the makeshift diaper for years but never decided to pull the trigger. A couple years ago we began making prototypes and testing them out with our friends. The Diapé was a hit! So we finally decided to go with it and share our idea with all of you….. The rest is history.


"Living the lake life,
'cause that's all it's ever really been about"


               Our Mission

The Diapé was designed to save your coast-guard approved life vest from wear and tear, and ultimately not being able to save a life. Although The Diapé is not a coast guard approved life vest… when you’re out on the water, The Diapé will be your #1 option for floating. Stylish and comfortable, you will be able to float for hours.